clipboardSuccessful completion of our program provides credit toward completion of the Duke of Edinburgh Youth Awards Program.

The curriculum emphasizes leadership, motivational and interpersonal skill development.

Skill development and informational sessions include:

  • Leadership skills,
  • Critical thinking,
  • Life skills, and
  • Car Maintenance

Also being considered is an educational field trip.

The campers are given the opportunity to provide feedback, to share in decision-making and to participate in camp work under the watchful eye of competent and dedicated staff which includes an experienced medical attendant.

They also participate in the development of the camp newspaper, which contains information that supplements and reinforces the material presented during the day, as well as providing topical information, personal profiles, and other enjoyable material.

But it is not all work for the campers! There is plenty of time for fun, sport, social and leisure activities that serve as a foundation for the development of a positive, responsible leadership attitude, lasting friendships and plenty of terrific memories.

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