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Brayden, Amory, Kennedy, Julian, Ethan, TJ, Julia, and Daniel

Our first presenter was Janet; with some financial literacy advice. She told us that many adults do not know how to be wise financially, but one thing that really stood out was "Learn while you earn." She also taught us about budgeting and saving money, and how not to go bankrupt. Her money management skills were really insightful and helpful to learn. Thanks to her help we won't be bankrupt at age 40.

Thurs 1

For our second morning session the groups got split in half to take part in two separate sessions. One session was given by a group of students from Wynyard Highschool. They talked about the importance of team work and partner work and the benefits of being able to work well in a team. Throughout the presentation we played a variety of games showing us how to work well as a team and the group shared their knowledge on team building skills. The way they presented their topic and the different team building exercises really stood out. It was a fantastic presentation. In the second half of the presentation we talked about the individual side of leadership and how it is important to overcome hardships and that even when things are tough and it seems as though it will not get better, it always gets better in the end. The second group shared personal stories which really allowed us to personally relate to the topic while still having fun with the games.

 Thurs 2

We had an amazing and eye opening presentation on the leadership that is present in the food industry and the jobs within.  We talked about skills learned while working in the food industry that are important in both working there and just in life in general.  We learned about all the different positions involved in working in the food industries, and the roles they play. Also, a smore recipe activity showed us the importance of communication.

Thurs 3

To finish our last night off we had an amazing camp-wide dance with some awesome music provided by Daniel. To make the night even better we got to have amazing homemade pizza and finished the night with fireworks! With all the dancing and music we had a blast!

Thurs 4


Welcome to the Masonic Youth Leadership blog of 2019!


Every day we will be posting daily updates of the happenings at camp, blogging about the stories, and explaining the events taking place. Throughout our week at camp we are expecting just the same as last year and much more. Each and every one of us will be able to expect enrichment of some kind, whether it may be the establishment of new friends, the strengthening of current ones, or the development of leadership characteristics.

 Sunday 1



The overview of our camp is simple but time efficient. Through daily activities, we will be helping with the cleaning and maintenance of campgrounds and facilities, which helps practice routine and develops good habits. We will also be receiving lectures and presentations from speakers of various occupations and backgrounds, who will be teaching us lots of different useful life skills. Needless to say, we are also looking forward to eating delicious meals prepared by our excellent cooks, Thea and Kathy. Upon arriving and after registering, we ate our great supper consisting of pulled pork sandwiches, rice, and coleslaw, followed by some free time to meet our camp peers and play some games. At the end of our day we all gathered for a session directed by British Chris. He taught us about being respectful to others and most importantly the GOLDEN RULE; Treat others the way you wish to be treated.


Sunday 2



MYLC 2019—DAY 3

 Brought to you by No Name ….. Orion, SoNova, Macey, Kate, Breanna, Keagan, Eric, and Cole.

 The morning activities consisted of a game called reverse tag where we tag the player who is it and run away and hide. If they see you and call your name you are out and have to sit on the sidelines. The next game we played was chain gang where lots of us got twisted like pretzels. Our hearty breakfast was bacon, eggs, hash browns, and toast.

The first presentation of the day was project management done by Paul Siwy. This presentation was about the production of projects and elimination or control of the risks and dangers.

Tuesday 1


The second presentation of the day, following a light muffin snack, was about addictions and how they affect the people around you. The presenters spoke about personal experience and some facts about addiction. One of the biggest takeaways from the presentation was that you need to admit that you have a problem, set a goal to solve it, and then work to achieve it.

Our wonderful lunch was prepared by the awesome cooks which included chicken burgers, lettuce and tomato, and a delicious Caesar salad. Our dessert was a pastry type cake with cherries and whipped cream.

Our third presentation was about leadership presented by Indian Ernie. He told us multiple stories about his experience in the army and the Saskatoon police force. He talked about the impact of leadership and how the people who look up to you get effected by it. He has written three books and has a fourth on the way.


Tuesday 2 

The fourth presentation was presented to us by Jim Boswell and Ms. Grimace. They taught us about public speaking and how to prepare ourselves for a speech. They gave us a handout with important tips and tricks to use for the rest of our life.


Tuesday 3



The supper was delicious as usual. The cooks made garlic buns and pasta with meat sauce and an assortment of desserts. To finish off the night, we had a fire and got to roast marshmallows for smores.



Hello, we are the area 51 raiders, starring Alanna, Kalia Emma, Katie, Alec, Alex, “Gordon”, and Jackson; this is our inside scoop. Just over these few days our group has gone from nervous and quiet to outgoing and open. Even Josh says we always participate and have good group discussions. Our group definitely enjoys this years presentations, and diversity of people at camp.

Wed Area51

             B.B.G. also known as Blessed By “Gordon” would like to dedicate this section to our awwwwwwesome cooks. At camp we have a great variety for food and options for those lactose free. The food is very high quality and we are never short on quantity. Thank you to our chefs so much! Plus we all agree tonight’s dessert was perfection.

 Wed Cooks

As for presentations we were visited by former Grey cup winner with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders in 2013, Scott Mchenry. He came from Canadian Red Cross to inform us about stress and how to manage it; using various methods like 4 L’s (look, listen, link, live) and the “bucket”, to do things take energy including stress so they drain our bucket through the day, and doing things we love and we enjoy fill our bucket. We also had the opportunity to speak with the grand masters who had some wise words about leadership to share.

Our afternoon started with ice cream sandwiches and a water fight. As Logan says; “Lane was the most soaked, Josh threw the hardest, the lake was absolutely covered in seaweed, and the slip and slide was fast and soapy.” But by far the scariest part was if you didn't go down the slide you would have been thrown in the lake. Overall our 3rd day at camp was an absolute blast. It was realltv clear that all of us got along and enjoyed each others company. We are all having lots of fun (especially today!) and we even had some of us say we wished it would never end.


 Wed Water Wed Waterfight  Wed slipnslide 



On July 29th, 2019, we started our morning off with our regular flag ceremony and a fun game of Toilet Tag. At 7:30am, we went into the hall to have a healthy breakfast prepared by our amazing cooks.

After breakfast, we had a inspiring presentation on goal setting given by Pat Davis and Chris Brooks. This was the first time they’ve given the session together, and were invited from knowing Dean Elliott (our Camp Coordinator) through being Masons together and being in the same lodge for many years. We learned a “S.M.A.R.T” way to achieve our goals the way our presenters use Masonry as inspirations to set new and different goals.


 Monday 1


Our next presentation was given by Andrew Andrews about the 2SLGBTQ+ family, and about how people are compared to stereotypes. Andrew has been given his presentations for 4 years and it includes his own background and personal story in this presentation. He began teaching after volunteering at a school to help stop the bullying that happens and create more equality. We learned about the 2SLGBTQ+ community and how even if we don’t know someone is in the community we can also offend them by the things we say. Andrew enjoys when he tells his story and helps others relate and realize more about their identity.

Monday 2


After another delicious meal, we went to the hall to have our 3rd presentation, Malcolm Gutfriend gave us a lesson on Forensic Science and a bit of his past in his area of work. He has been teaching and giving presentations for about 30 years after focusing on chemistry and continue in Science for the next 9 years of university. We learnt that by using Forensic Science, you can find extremely valuable evidence and can be crucial to the investigation and prosecution.


 Monday 3


After our last presentation, we joined into our counsellor groups and played a few games. We played the pretzel game, where you all twist yourself into a knot and then untangle. We went in our small groups and gradually more people were added and the we learnt the importance of communication. After our pretzel game, we played the millipede game, where we all stood next to each other and had our feet touching and have to move down the grass. The importance of working together became apparent, as it was not easy. Our last game was the camp infection, where we all sat in a circle and we were assigned either infected or healthy. We had to think carefully as we let people join our groups, as to not get infected. This taught us the importance of not listening to rumors, and showed us how quickly gossip can spread. Overall, our games taught us very valuable leadership skills and were very well co-ordinated.

After supper, we had our annual baseball game hosted by Chris Howe. With much excitement from the campers, this years game was a hit!





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